Welcome to Linguistics at University College Dublin.

Linguistics at UCD offers students unique insights into the nature of language with expertise in a range of areas of study in Linguistics. The BA in Linguistics programme at University College Dublin introduces you to research methods, approaches and theorizing in different sub-fields of linguistics. It allows you to explore the multi-faceted ways in which the skills acquired can be applied to a wide range of language-based issues such as sound and speech recognition, language planning, identity construction, education, language learning, language and speech disorders. It also provides a good grounding in vital transferrable skills such as pattern recognition and critical analysis.

In our modules you learn through a variety of approaches such as lectures, problem sets, group discussions, group and individual project work, presentations, hands on problem-based investigation. While learning takes place in English, we emphasize the importance of exploring languages from around the world, both widely used and lesser-used languages.

Dr Máire Ní Chiosáin

Head of Subject