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Programme Objectives

POST has been established to: 

  1. Create a better experience for our faculty, staff and students.
  2. Better enable our teaching, research and our staff and student services through the integration of our processes, systems and supports.
  3. Enhance the skills, capabilities, supports for, and job roles of those who provide those processes, systems and supports.
  4. Better deliver our strategy and ambitions.
  5. Be better placed to respond to external demands and pressures. 

The diagrams below describe all five objectives in more detail, outlining the target outcomes and benefits associated with each. The target outcomes play a key role in deciding which initiatives are within the scope of the UCD POST programme and which initiatives should be delivered through other means. Initiatives will be surfaced and prioritised through the Service Leads and the initial decision on whether an initiative should be progressed will be made by considering if the initiative contributes to any of the target outcomes for the programme. This is the first step in the evaluation and prioritisation of initiatives in the UCD POST programme. 

Programme Objectives