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Researching Segment

The services that enable the leading, conducting and supporting of research activities. 



The Researching Service Segment focuses on the services that directly and indirectly impact our research community across all areas of our operations. The objective of this segment is to understand, shape and improve the experience of our researchers in UCD.  This is being achieved through open dialogue and consultation with the wider research community and by leveraging the experience and networks of the Segment Group members, whilst also partnering directly with the transformation project teams.

Take a look through the diagram shown here to understand the various services that make up the Researching Service Segment. The services listed here are not an exhaustive list of every granular service within this segment but are a start in developing this approach. As UCD POST matures, the services represented within each segment may be changed or added to.

Segment Themes

The following themes have been developed in conjunction with the segment groups and in consultation with the wider community. They have also been informed by the outputs from the recent research culture survey, interview material as well as surveys conducted by Communities of Practice.

  • Enhancing research support operations by improving post-award service experience.
  • Empowering research administrators and managers to deliver operational excellence.
  • Enabling research excellence by minimizing administrative burden on our researchers.
  • Creating opportunities to collaborate and innovate locally and centrally.
  • Enhancing data accessibility and reporting tools.

These themes reflect the voice and needs of the communities within each segment and play a critical role in identifying, prioritising, and delivering transformation projects. Click on the images below to find out more about the projects in the Researching Service Segment. The projects listed below represent those that have been or are in the process of being mobilised following prioritisation through the POST programme.    

Segment Projects

Segment Group Members

Profile photo of Andrea Forde

Andrea Forde

Service Lead for Researching

Profile photo of Professor Gareth Redmond

Professor Gareth Redmond

Professor, Vice-Principal for Research & Innovation - College of Science
School of Chemistry

Profile photo of Elaine Sweeney

Elaine Sweeney

Finance Manager
UCD Finance Office

Profile photo of Neil Clancy

Neil Clancy

HR Resourcing Manager
Human Resources (HR)

Profile photo of Deirdre Brophy

Deirdre Brophy

School Manager
School of Sociology

Profile photo of John Oliver

John Oliver

Centre Manager
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering - School Office

Profile photo of Dipti Pandya

Dipti Pandya

Senior Manager – Research Programmes
Research Administration - Proposal Support