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Transformation Planning

The university’s integrated planning process for 2023 will be getting underway in the coming weeks with local planning workshops/preparation and the publication of school profiles and budget packs after the census of 1st March.

The website at www.ucd.ie/uplan provides an overview of the process as a whole and of each individual strands. Templates and support information will also be available on the website. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are provided and will be supplemented as new questions emerge. In addition the Milestones section of the website has an overview of the key dates and a full calendar of events.

 As part of this year’s planning process, we are using the new Transformation Planning strand to collect service / process / systems transformation proposals, including IT proposals.  The Programme for Operations and Services Transformation (UCD POST) and IT Services are partnering in this strand. This replaces what was previously the IT Planning Strand of the Integrated Planning Process.

Through the Transformation Planning strand we are asking units, in considering their future projects, to show how they will deliver on the POST target outcomes, as set by UMT.  UCD POST Service Leads and the IT partners will be on hand to engage business leads in this process over the coming month. You can find more information on the Transformation Planning strand of the integrated planning process here, including guidance on how to submit your proposal and who to reach out to should you need further assistance. We ask that you prepare and submit your proposals following the instructions on the website by Monday, 20 March 2023.

We hope that the website provides useful information ahead of the planning cycle, and will also be a support resource while planning. The Finance Managers/Directors, HR Partners and Research Partners will collaborate in providing further support and assistance during the process. Queries may also be addressed to us or to the email address planning@ucd.ie.