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The Service Segment Approach 

The University is a complex organisation with a wide range of services and operations that underpin the core business and activities of UCD, namely education and research. POST’s focus is on the supports and services that underpin education, research and life on campus  Given their breadth and complexity, these services have been grouped into four different Service Segments, each of which are focused on the people that use and provide them. The four Service Segments are as follows:

  • Teaching - The services and supports that enable teaching activities. 
  • Researching - The services that enable the leading, conducting and supporting of research activities. 
  • University Living - The services that enable us to live, work and study in UCD, on campus and online.
  • Enabling Services - The underlying supports and services; transactional and common operations that are used by all.

By considering our services and operations in this way and by working closely with the users and providers of these services, POST is committed to keeping the overall experience of faculty, staff and students at the forefront. Click on the images below to find out more about each Service Segment. 

Community-Driven Change

Community-Driven Change

At the heart of this change is the voice of the community.  To drive service-focused change in an impactful way, it is critical that we listen to and partner with the communities from each Service Segment. In each segment we work with a group of six experienced members from that segment community, known collectively as the Segment Groups. Each Segment Group member brings their unique experience to the programme as both users and providers of University services. They play a key role in ensuring that the voices and needs of their respective communities are at the heart of the transformation projects and activities that make up the POST programme.

Each Segment Group member also plays a role in communicating and championing the programme across their own network and in relaying learnings back to the programme.                            

From left to right: Andrea Forde, Aoife MacGabhann, Jeremy Britton, Suzanne Kealy

The Role of the Service Lead

Each Service Segment is led by a Service Lead, a member of the POST team.  These individuals are responsible for driving transformation across the wider University by listening to and acting on the voice of the user within each Service Segment. 

The Service Leads and Segment Groups work together to support;

  • The identification and prioritisation of change projects.
  • Strategy development for each segment to achieve outcomes aligned with better service outcomes, better service delivery, capacity, and ongoing agility.  

As a collective team, the Service Leads are also working with the wider organisation to develop a set of coherent programme supports that will help our people build skills and capabilities and support them in their ambitions to deliver real change and impact through their projects and teams in a more consistent way.

Left: Shown left to right - Andrea Forde, Aoife MacGabhann, Jeremy Britton, Suzanne Kealy