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University Living Segment 

The services that enable us to live, work and study in UCD, on campus and online. 



The objective of this segment is to understand, shape, and improve the experience of all those who support how we study, work, and live in the University. This is being achieved by working with the people who provide these support services, understanding their challenges and needs, and designing improvements that will have the most significant impact for them and the people they support.

Central to this segment is a firm commitment to continuous improvement, particularly on initiatives that streamline processes, free up time for staff, and enhance the capabilities of our people. This commitment is accompanied by a proactive approach to identifying those repetitive or manual tasks and processes.

Take a look through the diagram shown here to understand the various services that make up the University Living Service Segment. The services listed here are a start in developing this approach. As UCD POST matures, the services represented within each segment may be changed or added to.

Segment Themes

The following themes have been developed in conjunction with the segment groups and in consultation with the wider community. They have also been informed by the outputs from the recent staff and student surveys as well as evaluations of previous change projects.

  • Improving community health and wellbeing.
  • Optimising how we manage and use space on our campus.
  • Enhancing campus operations and on-campus experience.
  • Championing sustainability initiatives.
  • Creating opportunities to collaborate and innovate locally and centrally.

These themes reflect the voice and needs of the communities within the University Living Service Segment and play a critical role in identifying, prioritising, and delivering transformation projects.

Click on the images below to find out more about the projects in the University Living Service Segment. The projects listed below represent those that have been or are in the process of being mobilised following prioritisation through the POST programme.    

Segment Projects

Segment Group Members

Profile photo of Suzanne Kealy

Suzanne Kealy

Service Lead for University Living

Profile photo of Suzanne Bailey

Suzanne Bailey

Sports Development Manager
UCD Sports Centre

Profile photo of Ciarán Bennett

Ciarán Bennett

Estates Operations Manager
UCD Estate Services

Profile photo of Gavin Coll

Gavin Coll

UCD Student Centre

Profile photo of Arlene Healy

Arlene Healy

Associate Librarian
UCD Library

Profile photo of Kieran Moloney

Kieran Moloney

Student Adviser

Profile photo of Professor Federica Pazzaglia

Professor Federica Pazzaglia

UCD School of Business