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The UCD Programme for Operations and Services Transformation (UCD POST) is a people-centred and technology-enabled transformation programme.

POST has been set up to;

  • Create a better experience for our faculty, staff, and students.
  • Simplify our processes, and the operations they are a part of.
  • Enhance the skills, capabilities and support for our people.
  • Free up resources to better support the strategy of the University.
  • Make UCD's operations more resilient and agile.

Each Service Segment is led by a Service Lead, a member of the POST team.  These individuals are responsible for driving transformation across the wider University by listening to and acting on the voice of the user within each Service Segment. 

The Service Leads and Segment Groups work together to support;

  • The identification and prioritisation of change projects.
  • Strategy development for each segment to achieve outcomes aligned with better service outcomes, better service delivery, capacity, and ongoing agility.  

The UMT Service Group is the governance group responsible for UCD POST. The group was established to oversee the implementation of the Programme for Operations and Services Transformation, agreed by the University Management Team (UMT). Click here to see full membership and for access to governance documents.

The Service Leads are spread across four Segments: Teaching (Jeremy Britton), Researching (Andrea Forde), University Living (Suzanne Kealy) and Enabling Services ( Aoife MacGabhann). Take a look through the diagrams shown below to understand the various services that make up the each Service Segment.

The services listed here are not an exhaustive list of every granular service within the University but are a start in developing this approach. As UCD POST matures, the services represented within each segment may be changed or added to.

No, not all projects need to be approved by UCD POST, the programme is in place to act as an enabler for transformation. It will support any initiative that encourages innovation but does not want to stifle the wider University’s transformation agenda. For more information on this please contact your Service Lead.

The UCD POST website will be updated on a regularly to capture all the projects that are currently in-flight for the programme. Please follow the link provided to see these projects.

What is happening now? 

New processes will also be introduced where new systems are being implemented - effective ‘Change Management’ (Training / Upskilling) will be provided to ensure all staff become confident working with new systems and processes.

If you still have questions after reviewing the section below, please contact the UCD POST Programme Management Office for more information.