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Teaching Segment 

The services and supports that enable teaching activities. 



The primary goal of this Service Segment is to shape and improve the experience of all those who support the services, operations, and processes that enable teaching across the University.  This is being achieved by working closely with the communities within the Teaching Service Segment, understanding their challenges and needs, and designing improvements that will have the most significant impact for them and the people they support.

Central to this segment is a firm commitment to continuous improvement, particularly on initiatives that streamline processes, free up time for staff, and enhance the capabilities of our people. This commitment is accompanied by a proactive approach to identifying those repetitive or manual tasks and processes.

Take a look through the diagram shown here to understand the various services that make up the Teaching Service Segment. The services listed here are a start in developing this approach. As UCD POST matures, the services represented within each segment may be changed or added to.

Segment Themes

The following themes have been developed in conjunction with the Teaching Segment Groups and in consultation with the wider community. They have also been informed by the outputs from the recent staff and student surveys as well as evaluations of previous change projects.

  • Supporting changing needs and educational journeys.
  • Streamlining local processes and services.
  • Reducing the administrative burden and freeing up people’s time.
  • Nurturing local innovation.
  • Enabling ready access to data.

These themes reflect the voice and needs of the communities within the Teaching Service Segment and play a critical role in identifying, prioritising, and delivering transformation projects. Click on each box below to find out more about the projects in the Teaching Service Segment. The projects listed below represent those that have been or are in the process of being mobilised following prioritisation through the POST programme as well those that have been completed to date.     

Segment Projects

Segment Group Members

Profile photo of Jeremy Britton

Jeremy Britton

Service Lead for Teaching

Profile photo of Assoc Professor Meriel McClatchie

Assoc Professor Meriel McClatchie

Associate Professor Of Archaeology
School of Archaeology

Profile photo of Dr Vincent Hargaden

Dr Vincent Hargaden

Associate Professor, Head Of School
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Profile photo of Caroline Mangan

Caroline Mangan

Associate Director Global Community
UCD Global

Profile photo of Nessa O'Shaughnessy

Nessa O'Shaughnessy

Applications Officer
UCD Registry - Admissions

Profile photo of Shelly Smith

Shelly Smith

Programme Manager
College of Engineering and Architecture Administration Office

Profile photo of Adam Tattersall

Adam Tattersall

Technology Enhanced Learning Manager
UCD School of Medicine