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What has been done?

What has been done? 

Last updated 7th November 2023

POST, working in partnership with our colleagues across the University and through dedicated project teams, is supporting multiple transformation projects. By bringing these projects together under one over-arching programme, we are ensuring consistency in how benefits and outcomes are delivered, and in how change is planned and experienced. The below projects have now been completed. Click on each to learn more about the what was delivered and how it will benefit you. 

Extenuating Circumstances System Enhancements

Members of the UCD community had expressed the need for a collection of enhancements to the existing Extenuating Circumstances Online System. This was based on the number of local workarounds within the process which was leading to an inconsistent experience for students and creating added complexity for staff. 

Thirteen user-driven enhancements to the Extenuating Circumstances system went live in September 2023. These enhancements have been welcomed by those involved in the Extenuating Circumstances process.

Click here to learn more about this project.




Enterprise Student Placement & Internship Solution - Discovery Project

With 23 areas involved from across schools, colleges and operational units, and 11 different systems being used, inconsistency has become a major issue when managing student placements and internships. The feedback from those involved in supporting students throughout this process has revealed a strong need for streamlined solutions. The objective of this discovery project was to conduct an enterprise-wide review of the approach to and support of placements and internships currently in place in UCD. This review has now concluded, with six key recommendations arising.

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