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Research Tenders Project



This project is focussed on reviewing the support provided to researchers who wish to avail of a specific funding stream commonly known as “Tenders”. These types of funding arrangements could be characterised more as a service being provided by the researcher and are different from standard project funding in the following ways:

  • Funding can be sponsored by government departments or industry and will look to fund a defined piece of work/research.
  • Funding Sponsor claims sole ownership of all intellectual property. 

These types of funding streams often require the researcher and thus UCD to agree to specific terms and conditions which can be a complex process to navigate. 

Project Objective

Currently UCD has not developed a formal service  to support this particular funding stream, meaning that support is ad hoc and inconsistent. This service is currently provided through a variety of ways - self service, Schools and Colleges, UCD research and Research Finance Office.

This project will review the current process and will make recommendations to address this service gap, clearly defining the role of each of these areas in providing this advisory service to our research community.

Project Benefits

Project Team

This project is being led through UCD research with the support the of the Service Lead for Researching and POST. It will involve stakeholders and teams across UCD that are key in the support of grant mobilisation such as Research Finance, HR, Legal and Principal Investigators.

Profile photo of Triona McCormack

Triona McCormack

Project Owner
Director, UCD Research

Research Administration - Office of the VPRII

Profile photo of Andrea Forde

Andrea Forde

POST Service Lead for Researching

Project Timeline

This project is expected to begin early 2024 and aims to have recommendations within 6 months of starting.

  • January 2024

    Project Commencement