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Supporting Grant Mobilisation



At present there is no formal guidance or support on how best to use the time between when a researcher is approved funding and the issuing of those funds. Left to navigate alone, researchers can lose valuable time which can result in delays associated with hiring, contracting and ultimately contribute to underutilisation of the funding granted.

Currently delays experienced at grant start up can impact directly on the final output of the projects, resulting in potential underspends, loss of talent and frustration for the researcher. This project aims to improve the time taken to mobilise grants and ultimately increase grant spend. 

Project Objective

The objective of this project is to review the support provided to researchers during grant mobilisation and to design a service that best utilises self-service, central and local supports.

This project will deliver value by providing clarity for the researcher on what to expect once their grant has been approved and by providing guidance on how best to mobilise. It will also identify service gaps that impact on the researchers ability to mobilise their projects and will ensure that any recommendation that is made to address these gaps are user-led.

Project Benefits

Project Team

This project is being led by UCD research with the support of the Researching Service Lead. It will involve representatives from units and teams across UCD that are key in the support of grant mobilisation such as Research Finance, HR and Legal.

Profile photo of Triona McCormack

Triona McCormack

Project Owner
Director, UCD Research

Research Administration - Office of the VPRII

Profile photo of Dipti Pandya

Dipti Pandya

Business Manager
Senior Manager – Research Programmes

Research Administration - Proposal Support

Profile photo of Andrea Forde

Andrea Forde

Service Lead for Researching

Project Timeline

This project aims to have recommendations within 6 months of starting. It is expected to begin in early 2024.

  • January 2024

    Project Commencement.