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We must always ensure that the student voice is central in the development of educational practices. 

In an anonymous online survey we asked students linked with UCD Access & Lifelong Learning: what helped and what was difficult? Students overwhelmingly asked for more clarity, more flexibility and more feedback. Universal Design offers an approach which ensures the clarity, flexibility and feedback sought by students. The Universal Design for Curriculum Design collection of case studies explores the Principles of Universal Design and simple strategies for implementation in your own teaching. There are three main sections in this publication:

  • major curriculum or student support innovations
  • classroom teaching and learning processes and materials
  • assessment

These case studies were written by UCD colleagues working in a variety of different disciplines and contexts, highlighting the flexibility and adaptability of Universal Design as a framework. Download the publication below.

What is Universal Design for Teaching & Learning?

Universal Design is a principle-based approach to designing university teaching and learning to meet the learning needs of all students. This includes the needs articulated by the UCD students quoted throughout this publication. Higher Education has become increasingly diverse, with a particularly rapid change in the last ten years. As we now strive to achieve widening participation of those students traditionally under-represented in Higher Education, and open our campuses to increasing numbers of international students, we must ensure that our teaching and learning develops in line with the student population. Universal Design (UD) offers us a framework that helps us to consider and embrace our diverse classrooms. While we may not all be experts in particular disability types, using the UD framework gives you the tools you need to take all learners in to consideration when planning and designing your curriculum.

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