Inclusive Teaching & Learning Case Studies in Engineering, Architecture & Affiliated Disciplines

This publication is the result of successful ongoing collaboration of colleagues across the UCD College of Engineering and Architecture. The case studies presented here focus on the implementation of Universal Design for Learning in these specific disciplines and is the result of the Inclusive Teaching Pilot born out of the College's Athena Swan Action Plan.

In this publication you will find six case studies describing the key changes made to teaching, learning and assessment in nominated modules as a result of this pilot project. We plan to add to these case studies as the pilot expands its reach in the coming years and those changes put on hold due to Covid are implemented. Our goal in providing these studies is to demonstrate real world evidence-based examples of inclusion in these disciplines. The case study authors provide numerous practical and replicable approaches which other educators could easily embed in their own teaching to embed inclusion. You will find rubrics, activities, assessment briefs and many other items which you are free to adapt and use in your own teaching. We encourage you to look at all of these case studies as you’ll find useful take-aways in each one.

Inclusive Teaching & Learning Case Studies in Engineering, Architecture & Affiliated Disciplines (Full Publication)PDF|3.9MB Case Study 1 Recognising stereotypes and the shared habitus of Engineers and Architects: Developing interdisciplinary teamwork and communication skills for first year students in an inclusive environment (Daniel McCrum and Jennifer Keenahan)PDF|923KB Case Study 2 Using inclusiveness to introduce professionalism in the early stages of a career (Daniel P. Sudhershan)PDF|613KB Case Study 3 Diversity of teaching and assessment modes in Environmental Engineering (Sarah Cotterill)PDF|606KB Case Study 4 Street Life, how to study it and improve it (Miriam Fitzpatrick)PDF|654KB Case Study 5 Diversifying assessment: project based learning in a module (John Healy)PDF|166KB Case Study 6 Seeking to engage students in their work, beyond the reward value of a marking system (Tiago Faria)PDF|543KB