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Veterinary Medicine at UCD is funded from a variety of different sources, but this funding does not cover all essential activities.  We are reliant on continued support from industry, the public, alumni and the veterinary profession to address this shortfall. There is an ongoing fundraising campaign in process, and donations are welcomed to support our activities. There are a variety of ways by which donations or gifts can be made.  Importantly, we can ensure your gift or donation is used in the way you wish.

Types of Gifts

  • An annual or current gift may be designated for use by Veterinary Medicine at UCD where the need is greatest or may be designated for a special programme or purpose. The gift generally is used in the year it is received.
  • A permanent or endowed gift allows for long-term planning. The principal is invested and returns annual interest. Part of the annual interest is reinvested to increase the principal, and part is used for the purpose intended (such as a yearly scholarship). Endowed funds usually carry the benefactor's name.
  • An estate gift or bequest is provided through a will or living trust. Upon the donor's passing, the gift goes to UCD Veterinary Medicine for the intended purpose. For more information, please contact the Dean.
  • A planned gift combines current income for the donor during his/her life-time with the intention to provide future programme support. Upon the donor's passing, the charitable remainder goes to UCD Veterinary Medicine for the purpose intended.
  • A life insurance policy may have UCD Veterinary Medicine designated as beneficiary.
  • A memorial or tribute gift to UCD Veterinary Medicine or any of its disciplines makes a thoughtful gift in memory of a deceased pet or as a tribute to someone living who deserves special recognition.

For further information on types of gifts and ways to give to UCD, please see (opens in a new window)the UCD Foundation website. 

Types of Assets that may be given:

A cash gift in the form of a cheque may be designated for use by UCD Veterinary Medicine. It should be accompanied by written instructions stating how the gift is to be used.

Securities (such as stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, etc) may be donated to UCD Veterinary Medicine. The Dean of Veterinary Medicine can provide guidance.

Real estate may be transferred (deeded) to UCD Foundation with specific instructions naming UCD Veterinary Medicine as beneficiary. An independent appraisal determines the market value of the property. Contributing highly appreciated real estate may offer significant tax savings to donors. The Dean can provide guidance.

Equipment or material (such as computers, vehicles, animal-related artwork, etc.) may also be contributed. An appraisal of the item by an independent expert will be used to determine the value of the gift. The Dean can provide guidance.

How do you want your gift used?

There are many options for ensuring that your gift is used in the way you wish - from improving the health and well-being of animals to educating veterinarians:

Scholarships provide funds to help students during their five rigorous years of veterinary medical education toward the MVB (Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine) degree.

Fellowships provide funds for graduate students who have completed the MVB and are obtaining an advanced degree, such as an MVM or PhD. These graduate students assist our faculty with teaching and important research projects. They are our future scientists and faculty members.

Gifts can be made to support a project that addresses a unique need, such as care for indigent animals, or as a tribute to honour or remember a special animal or person.

Gifts for humane research and animal studies support the breakthroughs that improve the health of all animals. These contributions also help Veterinary Medicine control diseases and benefit the long-term welfare of animals. Gifts may go to a specific research centre in which you have an interest.

Buildings and facilities need to be kept up-to-date for the practice of modern veterinary medicine.  Veterinary Medicine at UCD must continually expand the teaching hospital, research laboratories and classrooms to meet the growing demand for highly trained veterinary surgeons and to improve veterinary medical treatments. Depending on the size of the gift, there are naming opportunities for rooms as well as buildings.

Through the Equine Memorial Fund and the Companion Animal Memorial Fund, veterinarians and veterinary clinics throughout the state contribute to health studies at the Centre for Equine Health and the Centre for Companion Animal Health in memory of their clients' deceased animals. For more information contact the Dean.

Who to Contact About a Gift:

The Dean of Veterinary Medicine
UCD Veterinary Sciences Centre
Dublin 4

Phone:+353 1 716 6100
Fax:+353 1 716 6104
E-mail: Rory.Breathnach@ucd.ie

Contact the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine

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