The UCD School of Veterinary Medicine has a broad research agenda with a range of internally and externally funded research projects, a diverse cohort of research-active academics, and a large number of graduate and post-doctoral researchers - we offer significant research outputs in terms of peer-reviewed publications and citations.  Researchers across the School also work to develop and apply scientific scholarship to applications across a range of disciplines for the benefit of society through excellence in education, research and innovation.  Our research ethos is to foster curiosity-based and hypothesis-driven research to best international standards in areas of key strategic relevance to Ireland while encouraging multidisciplinary collaboration, both within and beyond the School and University.  Research activities across the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine map to 4 broad themes: Population Medicine & Veterinary Epidemiology, Disease Pathogenesis & Pathology,  Infertility & Reproduction Research and Translational Research.