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UCD Veterinary Hospital

UCD Veterinary Hospital

The UCD Veterinary Hospital is located within the Veterinary Sciences Centre in the School of Veterinary Medicine on UCD’s Belfield Campus.  The Hospital operates on the basis of 'fee-for-service' and provides clinical case material for the teaching and research needs of the clinical units.  However, it is not strictly a ‘for profit’ enterprise, as the training of veterinary students is expensive and requires heavy subsidy from other sources.

The UCDVH offers facilities for both small and large animals. Currently, the major animal species seen at the UCDVH are dogs, cats, horses, cattle and sheep, with smaller numbers of exotic and zoo animals.

Administratively, the UCDVH operates through the collaboration of the disciplines of Small Animal Medicine, Small Animal Surgery, Farm Animal Medicine, Equine Medicine and Large Animal Surgery.  These areas are supported by Veterinary Pathology, Veterinary Microbiology & Parasitology, Diagnostic Imaging, Anaesthesia and Emergency and Critical Care units.

UCD Veterinary Hospital

UCDVH Services

The Hospital provides a primary and referral consultation resource to the public and veterinary profession.  It is open for consultations (by appointment) each weekday, and provides 24-hour hospital care for all patients.  UCDVH services are broadly categorised into Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, Large Animal Surgery, a Farm Animal Clinic, Herd Health and Equine Medicine. Within each area, specific disciplines are represented (soft tissue surgery, dermatology, endocrinology etc).

There are approximately 25 senior veterinary academic staff working within the clinical services, most of whom are recognised specialists within their field.  Outside the clinics, there are approximately 10 senior academic staff involved in providing consultative services for diagnostic tests of all varieties from blood to histopathological samples.

The annual caseload for the hospital is approaching 6,000 animals and over 12,000 paraclinical samples, with most animals referred from private practitioners throughout the country.

Please see the UCD Veterinary Hospital website for further information.

UCD Veterinary Hospital

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