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CBNI publication “Classification and biological identity of complex nano shapes” featured in special collection by Communications Materials

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

CBNI publication “(opens in a new window)Classification and biological identity of complex nano shapes” by Boselli et al., 2020 has been included in a(opens in a new window)special collectionrecently published by Communications Materials to celebrate one year of publishing at the journal. 

The study analysed nanoparticle shape information to create a condensed representation in which the essential shape features can be captured and correlated. It showed how these ideas may be applied to study the recognition of the nanoscale shape and the particle interactions with the biological environment.

Reference:Boselli, L., Lopez, H., Zhang, W., Cai, Q., Giannone, V.A., Li, J., Moura, A., de Araujo, J.M., Cookman, J., Castagnola, V. and Yan, Y., 2020. Classification and biological identity of complex nano shapes. Communications Materials, 1(1), pp.1-12.

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