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CBNI researcher Dr. Zixu Zhao is one of 5 UCD Enterprise Partnership Scheme Postdoctoral Scholars

Thursday, 5th October 2023

CBNI researcher Dr. Zixu Zhao is one of 5 UCD Enterprise Partnership Scheme Postdoctoral Scholars awarded under the IRC Enterprise Scheme more details here.

Announcing the latest IRC enterprise programmes’ awards, Minister Harris said: “I am delighted to announce the latest projects to be selected for funding under the Irish Research Council’s Enterprise Partnership Scheme and Employment-Based Postgraduate Programme. These co-funded programmes train early-career researchers for the diversity of employment opportunities in industry, the public sector and the non-government sectors. For enterprise and employment partners, the schemes provide a low-risk, flexible route to research talent and innovation in an area closely aligned with their strategic interests.

The proposed research, in collaboration with award-winning Irish company, Marigot Ltd, aims to investigate the impact of exogenous nanoscale particles on communication between gut microbiota and immune cells by means of particle-induced changes in EV secretion in vitro. Marigot Ltd  specialises in development of marine multi-minerals for bone and digestive health. Marigot is committed to improving the quality of life and has been investing extensively in research in nutritional values of seaweed minerals. Marigot is particularly interested in understanding immunological effects of naturally derived particulates entered in the bloodstream from the gut. However, the impact of particles on the gut microbiota and immune response has yet been elucidated.

Therefore, Dr Zixu's Zhao's  project will address these challenges by understanding, the influence of exogenous particle on EV secretion, exploring the fundamental properties of these bio-nano materials, developing novel methodologies to engineer targeting bio-nano structures, and identifying aspects of their promise as building blocks for next-generation nanomedicines.

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