FNN Conference on Categorization of Next Generation Nanomaterials took place on 30th November – 1st December 2017

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

FNN Conference on Categorization of Next Generation Nanomaterials that took place in Brussels, on 30th November- 1st December 2017 was a success. As the coordinator of the FNN project, CBNI was the lead organiser of the event.

From industry to NGOs, from research to standardization, the Conference brought together speakers and participants from several key sectors of the nanomaterials field worldwide. The Conference began by defining the different contexts in which nanomaterials categorization is important, followed by a summary of current formal and informal nanotechnology-related standardization work. All attendees participated in a set of breakout discussion sessions that identified major issues associated with creating new progress on categorization.

Attendees addressed issues like common and context-specific requirements, immediate needs and current categorization approaches in individual sectors and discussed how to identify the data and tools needed to support categorization and develop meaningful and useful categorization schemes. Discussions aimed at developing international cooperation, working through competing contexts and establishing a viable roadmap forward.

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