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MSc in Politics and Data Science

Come study with us! The new MSc in Politics and Data Science, launched by the Connected_Politics Lab in the School of Politics & International Relations, equips students with the theoretical knowledge and methodological skills necessary to examine and understand politics in the digital age. The MSc in Politics and Data Science is an exciting programme for all students interested in data science and social science and in particular to those who are also interested in politics, international relations and/or development studies.

Module offerings are organised around two streams of study: a methodological stream and a substantive stream. The methodological stream grounds students in the methods needed to study digital and digitised politics, including modules on programming and machine learning, quantitative text analysis, statistics, and experimental methods. The substantive stream includes modules relating to comparative politics, international relations, political violence, political economy, building on core strengths within the School of Politics and International Relations.

Students from a social science background are not required to know any statistics or programming prior to entering this programme.

Some core modules, such as Connected_Politics and Programming for Social Scientists, involve extensive group work and applied research in teams, which is an excellent preparation for the job market. Students will also have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on ongoing research projects.

The job opportunities for students with this degree are excellent, since participants of the MSc in Politics and Data Science will have the required technical skills to do data analysis and simulation modelling, but also a thorough understanding of how social scientists think and conduct research, a solid understanding of politics, and the ability to work within larger teams of data scientists.

All details on the programme, along with an overview of the course structure are available here.

For further questions about the programme, please contact Martijn Schoonvelde.


Other Programs

Furthermore, we are involved in the delivery of both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs, and are keen to supervise potential PhD students interested in applying computational approaches to topics in political science and international relations. 

A selection of the programs we are involved in are listed below:

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