The Connected_Politics Lab welcomes visiting scholars interested in undertaking search at UCD and getting involved in lab activities. Visiting Scholars will be host in SPIRe for periods of up to 12 months' residency available, and accepts visiting academics from a variety of career stages. The aim of the scheme is to encourage collaboration between international academics and SPIRe researchers. 

Scheme structure

The scheme has two strands:

  • Visiting Scholars (late stage PhD and up to 3 years post-PhD)
  • Senior Visiting Scholar (more than 3 years post-PhD)

The typical stay will be one term, but visits can be up to one year.  


  • Visitors will be supported by a 'host' member of SPIRe staff.
  • All visitors will contribute to SPIRe working paper series.
  • All visitors can attend and will participate in SPIRe seminar series (deliver one seminar).
  • Early career scholars can participate in PhD workshops.
  • Senior Visiting Scholars may be asked to offer informal mentorship to PhD students.
  • Visitors will be listed on SPIRe website. 
  • All Scholars will have IT and library access.
  • Office space may be provided, dependent on availability. 


  • Opportunity to deliver guest lectures in modules or other teaching.
  • Attend modules (early career)

Application requirements

  • The primary application criteria of the scheme is that applicants is supported by a member of SPIRe faculty (the 'host'). It is up to applicants to identify their host and request a letter or email of support.  
  • Deadline for January 2020 entry is 31 October, 2019. 
  • Please submit a short cover letter including brief description of work intended at SPIRe, CV, and letter or email of support as your application, to