Spring Trimester 2020

All events take place at G316, Newman Building, UCD, unless stated otherwise. For more information and to register for these events, please follow the links below. 



Introduction to Applied Bayesian Statistics in Political Science

Instructor: Akisato Suzuki (UCD)

10:00-17:00 Thursday, January 23

Public Denunciation and the Limits of Scandal

Speaker: Thomas Grund (UCD)

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, January 29

Wrangling and Visualising Data using R

Instructor: Stefan Müller (UCD)

10:00-15:00 Thursday, February 20

L246 SUTH/G316 ART

Federal Reserve Communications Sentiment’s Impact on Target Rate Discovery

Speaker: Juan Carlos Arismendi (Maynooth University)

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, February 12

Images as Data Workshop Dublin (IMG-DUB)

Postponed to 10-11 December 2020

Trinity College Dublin 

Using computational methods to study non-verbal political communication

Speaker: Constantine Boussalis (TCD)

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, February 26



Visualising Conceptual Change in Parliamentary Debates

Speaker: Paul Nulty (UCD)

Please join the seminar at https://zoom.us/j/108866799

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, April 1


Repost and Like: Securitization Theory in the Digital Age

Speaker: Natalia Umansky Casapa (UCD)

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, April 15


We also offer weekly Data Clinics throughout the semester. The Data Clinics are instructed by Dr Akisato Suzuki and offer all graduate students at SPIRe the opportunity to ask for advice in relation to their statistical needs, both the use of statistical software (Stata and R) and the application of statistical methods.



Past events


Opportunities and Challenges in Economic Policy Communications Workshop

17 January 2020

Central Bank of Ireland

Seminar: Social Tree

Speaker: Georgiana Ifrim (UCD)

27 November 2019

Quantitative Text Analysis Dublin (QTA-DUB) Workshop

18-19 June 2019

UCD University Club

Seminar: Explorying the link between ethnic segregation and spatial patterns of attitudes 

Speaker: Thomas Feliciani (UCD)

13 November 2019


Seminar: Social identity and political polarization

Speaker: Chris Bail (Duke University)

30 October 2019


Seminar: What the rich and poor consider important and how this matters for representation

Speaker: Denise Traber (University of Lucerne)

16 October 2019


Seminar: Why do politicians get emotional?

Speaker: Gijs Schumacher

9 october 2019