Autumn Term 2021

If Covid-19 guidelines allow, all events take place at UCD and are also live-streamed on Zoom. Please register here to receive the link and password to the online meeting and information on the room at UCD.




An Introduction to Webscraping Using R                            

Instructor: Jihed Ncib (UCD)                                                                                                                       

Wednesday, 10 November, 2pm–4pm

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When Republicans See Red but Democrats Feel Blue: Why Labeler-Characteristic Bias Matters for Image Analysis

Speaker: Nora Webb Williams (University of Illinois)

Wednesday, September 22, 14:00–15:00 (GMT)


What do mass media in Russia reveal about the regime’s survival strategy?

Speaker: Lana Bilalova (London School of Economics) to London School of Economics and Political Science)

 Wednesday, October 6, 14:00–15:00 (GMT)

The Visual Frames of Social Media Propaganda

Speaker: Marco Bastos (University College Dublin)

Wednesday, October 20, 14:00–15:00 (GMT)


Reporting on Climate-Change Action: Paris Agreement, Fridays for Future and the Framing in Public News Worldwide

Speaker: Lisa Lechner (University of Innsbruck) with Gabriele Spilker (University of Salzburg)

Wednesday, November 3, 14:00–15:00 (GMT)


The consequences of online partisan media

Speaker: Pablo Barberà (University of Southern California)

Wednesday, November 17, 14:00–15:00 (GMT)



Speaker: Haohan Chen (University of Hong Kong)

Wednesday, December 1, 14:00–15:00 (GMT)


Past events


Spring Term 2021



A Political Esperanto, or False Friends? – 'Left' and 'Right' in Different Political Contexts

Speaker: Jesper Lindqvist (University College Dublin), with Jos Elkink

Wednesday, January 27, 14:00–15:00 (GMT)

Fifteen Seconds of Fame: TikTok and the Democratization of Mobile Video on Social Media

Speaker: Kevin Munger (Penn State University)

Wednesday, February 10, 14:00–15:00 (GMT)

What Do Online Experiments Tell Us About Political Fake News Recognition and Trust?

 Speaker: Olessia Koltsova (HSE University)

 Wednesday, February 24, 14:00–15:00 (GMT)

Exposure to News in the Digital Age: How Online Networks Shape the Consumption of Political Information

Speaker: Sandra González-Bailón (University of Pennsylvania)

Wednesday, March 24, 14:00–15:00 (GMT) 

Online and Offline Responses to Protest in Electoral Autocracies

Speaker: Anita Gohdes (Hertie School), with Katerina Tertytchnaya

Wednesday, April 7, 14:00–15:00 (GMT+1)

The Double-edged Sword of Online Politics

Speaker: Taha Yasseri (University College Dublin)

Wednesday, April 21, 14:00–15:00 (GMT+1)



Autumn Term 2020 



Reproducible Research with Git and GitHub

Instructor: Stefan Mūller (UCD).                                                                                                                              

10:00-12:00 Friday, October 16.

12:00–14:00: Wednesday, November 11

Competing and Competitive Legislatures and the Policy-Opinion Link

Speaker: Miriam Sorace (University of Kent).

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, September 23.

Creating and Hosting an Academic Personal Website Using Hugo and GitHub

Instructor: Stefan Mūller (UCD) and Natalia Umansky (UCD)

10:00-12:30 Friday, November 13.


Similar Citizen Portrayals? Exclusionary Media Populism in Tabloids and Broadsheets 

Speaker: Zoltan Fazekas (Copenhagen Business School) (with Stefanie Walter).

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, October 7.


Smiling Face or Frowning Face? Comparing Emotion Recognition Algorithms for Applications in Political Communication Research 

Speaker: Lena Masch (University of Düsseldorf) (with Maaike D. Homan and Oul Han).

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, October 21.


Enhancing or Deflecting Public Accountability? The Language of European Commission Press Releases 1985–2018

Speaker: Christian Rauh (WZB Berlin).

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, November 11.


Ambiguity as Strategy of Radical Left Party Leaders in Western Europe

Speaker: Sarah Wagner (University of Essex). 

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, November 25.


Reputational Mainstreaming of Radical Right Parties 

Speaker: Frederik Hjorth (University of Copenhagen) (with Theresa Gessler and Fabrizio Gilardi).

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, December 9.



Summer Trimester 2020



Causal Inference with a Graphical Approach                             

Instructor: Akisato Suzuki (UCD)

15:00 - 17:00 Monday, June


Agent Based Models of Social Life: Breaking the Schelling Segregation Model

Speaker: Michael Laver (New York University)

Wednesday, May 20, 14:00–15:00 (GMT)


But Is She Married? Gender Bias and Users' Gendered Interest in Politicians on Wikipedia

Speaker: Theresa Gessler (University of Zurich)

Wednesday, June 3, 14:00–15:00 (GMT)


Interrogating the Opposition? The Use of Blue-Card Questions in the European Parliament

Speaker: Verena Kunz (University of Mannheim)

Wednesday, June 10, 14:00–15:00 (GMT)


Why Keep Arguing? Predicting Engagement in Political Conversations Online

Speaker: Sarah Shugars (Northeastern University)

Wednesday, June 24, 14:00–15:00 (GMT)


Exogenous Shocks, Policy Responses and Legislative Debates

Speaker: Jens Wäckerle (University of Cologne), with Sven-Oliver Proksch and Jan Schwalbach

Wednesday, July 8, 14:00–15:00 (GMT)



Spring Trimester 2020



Introduction to Applied Bayesian Statistics in Political Science

Instructor: Akisato Suzuki (UCD)

10:00-17:00 Thursday, January 23  

Public Denunciation and the Limits of Scandal

Speaker: Thomas Grund (UCD)

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, January 29

Wrangling and Visualising Data using R

Instructor: Stefan Müller (UCD)

10:00-15:00 Thursday, February 20

L246 SUTH/G316 ART

Federal Reserve Communications Sentiment’s Impact on Target Rate Discovery

Speaker: Juan Carlos Arismendi (Maynooth University)

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, February 12

Images as Data Workshop Dublin (IMG-DUB)

 Postponed to 10-11 December 2020

 Trinity College Dublin 

Using computational methods to study non-verbal political communication

Speaker: Constantine Boussalis (TCD)

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, February 26



Visualising Conceptual Change in Parliamentary Debates

Speaker: Paul Nulty (UCD)

Please join the seminar at

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, April 1



Repost and Like: Securitization Theory in the Digital Age

Speaker: Natalia Umansky (UCD)

14:00-15:00 Wednesday, April 15



Autumn Trimester 2019



Opportunities and Challenges in Economic Policy Communications Workshop

17 January 2020

Central Bank of Ireland 

Seminar: Social Tree

Speaker: Georgiana Ifrim (UCD)

27 November 2019

Quantitative Text Analysis Dublin (QTA-DUB) Workshop

18-19 June 2019

UCD University Club

Seminar: Explorying the link between ethnic segregation and spatial patterns of attitudes 

Speaker: Thomas Feliciani (UCD)

13 November 2019


Seminar: Social identity and political polarization

Speaker: Chris Bail (Duke University)

30 October 2019


Seminar: What the rich and poor consider important and how this matters for representation

Speaker: Denise Traber (University of Lucerne)

16 October 2019


Seminar: Why do politicians get emotional?

Speaker: Gijs Schumacher

9 october 2019