Seminar: Exploring the link between ethnic segregation and spatial patterns of attitudes using register data and agent-based modeling - Thomas Feliciani (UCD)


Venue: G316, Newman Building, UCD

Date: 13 November 2019

14:00-15:00 - Connected_Politics Workshop: working with agent-based models.

Thomas Feliciani discusses how ethnic residential segregation in cities is related to radical right party support among its residents. Thomas explores this question using an agent-based model, which has been calibrated using neighborhood data from Rotterdam. Emphasizing the importance of micro-theories of attitude formation in understanding neighborhood patterns, Thomas argues that ethnic residential segregation may affect individual residents’ intergroup attitudes. He presents evidence from the model that explores the mechanisms through which this occurs. 

Speaker: Thomas holds a postdoctoral position at UCD and is associated with SPRING (Studying Peer Review in Grants). He is currently finishing his PhD project at the University of Groningen. The topic of his PhD is the effect of ethnic residential segregation on the emergence of polarized attitudes.
His research interests include social influence processes, peer-review, and agent-based modeling.