Seminar: What Rich and Poor Consider Important and How this Matters for Representation - Denise Traber (University of Lucerne)



Venue: G316, Newman Building, UCD

Date: 16 October 2019

13:00-14:00 - Joint SPIRe & Connected_Politics Lab Seminar
14:00-15:00 - Connected_Politics Workshop: Working with unsupervised models of text


Denise Traber is a senior research fellow (SNF Ambizione) at the University of Luzern. Previously, she was a Postdoc at the Department of Political Science at the University of Zurich. From 2020 onwards, she will be an assistant professor (tenure-track) in Political Sociology at the University of Basel. Denise’s research focuses on party competition, political representation, and political behavior in Europe. Her work has appeared in the European Journal of Political Research, Comparative Political Studies, West European Politics and Political Science Research and Methods (among others). She is also coauthor of a book on Swiss consensus democracy published by Palgrave. Denise is one of the organizers of the Zurich Summer School for Women in Political Methodology.