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What do online experiments tell us about political fake news recognition and trust?

Seminar: What Do Online Experiments Tell Us About Political Fake News Recognition and Trust? - (opens in a new window)Olessia Koltsova (HSE University)

14:00-15:00 (IST) Wednesday, February 24.

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About the speaker: Olessia Koltsova is a social scienist committed to interdisciplinary research in the sphere of computational communication science. As the director of Laboratory for Social and Cognitive Informatics (formerly – Laboratory for Internet Studies), she leads various collective projects in the sphere of internet and society, as well as in methods of large-scale automatic internet data analysis for social science. In recent years, she has published on online community structure, cognitive and psychological limits to online communication, ethnicity-targeted speech detection, user content topical composition and sentiment, and other topics. She is also the author of News Media and Power in Russia, Routledge, 2006.