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UCD Subject Register

The UCD Subject Register is published in the UCD Document Library. The Register lists all approved subjects and approved Heads of Subject within the University. The emergence of a new subject, the review of an existing subject, and the appointment of a new Head of Subject constitute an amendment to the UCD Subject Register.   Forms and Procedures relating to these processes are linked below.

The UCD Subject Register is noted at the first meeting of the Academic Council each year.

Statutory Requirements

In accordance with Statute 25, Chapter 14 (Section 2), ‘the Academic Council may establish criteria for the recognition of subjects of the University and shall maintain a Register of the Subjects of the University’.

In accordance with Statute 25, Chapter 17 (Section 11), ‘Head of Subject shall be appointed from within the members of the School by Academic Council for all subjects for which the School is responsible…Where appropriate and subject to the approval of Academic Council a Head of School may act as Head of Subject(s)’.

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