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Inclusive design to help people with autism and intellectual disabilities

Tuesday, 14 November, 2023

Prof Lizbeth Goodman, UCD College of Engineering and Architecture. Image: Lizbeth Goodman

Technology can help people with autism and intellectual disabilities but inclusive design is the key, UCD professor Lizbeth Goodman tells Claire O’Connell.

How can technology and design break down barriers for people living with intellectual disabilities or with autism? That is a key question being discussed at the (opens in a new window)DOCTRID V conference in University of Limerick this week.

It’s also a question that has piqued the interest of Prof Lizbeth Goodman, who will be moderating a panel at the conference today (28 April). Goodman has worked for decades on new ways to apply technology tools such as virtual reality (VR) that can engage and empower people with intellectual disabilities and autism.

(opens in a new window)Full article by Claire O’Connell available here.

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