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Objectives of the Operations Group

The objectives of the Operations Group are as follows:
•    To provide a coherent, collaborative voice to the administrative community in Colleges, Schools and central units to enhance services, processes and systems for the shared business of student and academic services.  

•    To provide  mechanisms through which operational problems relating to service, processes or systems can be discussed and evaluated, solutions explored and  recommendations made on how best to solve these problems. The group will also seek to advance these recommendations with business owners and relevant service/support units.

•    To agree relative priorities for improvement initiatives and to make priorities/projects visible to all.

•    To promote and enable consistency and good practice through the sharing of expertise and the identification of skills that would support staff in being effective. The group will also seek to develop good practice where it does not exist.

•    To provide, through access to content experts across the professional operational staff cohort, members to various groups across the university to ensure policy is informed by practice.

•    To improve the efficiency and consistency of operations policy and procedures by creating, updating, and reviewing the steps involved in these policies.

•    To help create a culture of shared purpose by improving access to information and communication between offices and central functions.