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Access & Reporting 2.0 Information Workshop Resources

Since early 2022, Access & Reporting v2.0 has successfully facilitated dialogue between central units and frontline staff on a range of reporting topics, allowing participants to feed into requirements and possible improvements that will enhance their ability to support students and colleagues.

These workshops will explore the theme of driving common approaches to common tasks informed by UCD community in the context of Enabler 4 and for the progression of UCD Digital Transformation strategy (Dx).

While also enabling staff to have 'ready access to the information they need' to fulfil their roles as emphasised under the strategy.

Compliance Workshop

Date: 17.02.2022

UCD Student Records invited over thirty UG Programme level subject matter experts, involved in the UG Degree Compliance process to a 60minute information workshop.

Staff identified rules that will enable the automation of this process which is currently a substantial manual process for staff in College and School Offices, as well as Registry. It is hoped that this workshop’s output will theme drive common approaches to tasks and will advance the Dx Transformation for UG Programmes.

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Presentation slides 

Compliance Mural for Access & Reporting 2.0 Workshop

Compliance Workshop 2.0 Response Grid & Survey Findings

Outputs Discussion & Next Steps Update Recording 


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Admissions Workshop

Date: 03.03.2022

UCD Registry, Admissions provided a comprehensive overview of the UCD Applications system, including CAO & Garda Vetting reporting, whilst also focusing on reporting changes to the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for users in a 90minutes.

This information workshop acted as a guide for shaping the agenda for development work in terms of discussing and identifying user requirements for benefits of staff in their roles and in supporting students. The focus was on looking to the future, through gathering inputs with a view to streamlining and prioritising for integrated services for delivery. 

 Zoom Presentation Recording

 Presentation Slides

UCD Admissions Mural for Access & Reporting 2.0 Workshop

UCD Admissions Workshop 2.0 Response Grid & Survey Findings 02.03.22

UCD Admissions Word Cloud

UCD Global Workshop

Date: 30.03.2022

UCD Global, provided a comprehensive overview for staff on their Online Mobility Management system for users within a 90minutes session. This system allows the UCD Global mobility team to manage applications and process students up to their return from exchange. This system seeks to provide a common approach to common tasks under the UCD Dx Transformation strategy by identifying user requirements.

The benefits of the system include facilitating centralised reporting and providing up to date information on numbers per country and partner Universities. This will help to prepare for better crisis management, in a continuous and collaborative manner. 

Zoom Presentation Recording

Presentation Slides

UCD Global Mural for Access & Reporting 2.0 Workshop

UCD Global Workshop 2.0 Response Grid & Survey Findings 30.03.22

UCD Global Word Cloud 

UCD HR Workshop

Date: 27.04.2022

UCD HR team provided a comprehensive overview of UCD HR and Resourcing reports available to schools & units- including new Team Reports that are due to be launched soon. This session also outlined who has access to the reports and for what purpose. It also emphasised several enhancements for users that have developed as part of their continuous improvement initiatives.

The focus of the workshop was on identifying user requirements for the benefit of staff supporting staff & staff self-service from managing applications to facilitating centralised reporting, with up to date & relevant information. This will enable staff to have 'ready access to the information they need' to fulfil their roles as emphasised under UCD Dx Transformation strategy. 

 Zoom Presentation Recording 

 Presentation Slides

UCD HR Mural for Access & Reporting 2.0 Workshop

HR Q & A for Access & Reporting 2.0

UCD HR Workshop 2.0 Response Final Grid

UCD HR Word Cloud