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Student Placement & Internship Management Project Scoping 

The UCD Operations Group hosted with UCD Agile facilitating a workshop on Student Placement & Internship Management on 10th November 2021. This project surfaced as a nominated project through the UCD Operations Group ‘Your Voice’ survey in 2020. 

This workshop was the initial step as a scoping exercise and review of the management process that affects over 25 units of the UCD community and yields over  5,000 students impacted each year.

Consultation with stakeholders was held from July until September 2021 as to ascertain an initial list of stakeholders, to garner support & commitment and to reflect on the current state of the proposed for each unit. 12 nominated staff across the sphere of student placements and internships, along with IT to consider the needs of their business, external influences and the future benefits they wish to achieve in order to support the quality of their students' experiences. 

This workshop achieved its goal of capturing the voice of operations, gave a clear understanding of the common process and fundamental differences and identified the drivers for change. These were captured in the form of a scale and complexity measurement for the first time in the University to give an overview of the current landscape we wish to transform. This can be seen in the (opens in a new window)Mural output on the day. 

Thank you is echoed to all representatives that contributed their time, energy and expertise in this workshop and their continued service as members of the UCD working group.