Visiting Staff

Academic Year 2017/18

  • Rosuel Lima-Pereira, Maître de Conférences en Civilisation brésilienne, Université de Guyane - France

Academic Year 2016/17

  • Dr Giuseppe Balirano, PhD in English Linguistics, is Associate Professor of English Language and Linguistics at the University of Naples L’Orientale. His current research and publications focus chiefly on the discursive construction of identity, masculinities and criminality within a multimodal perspective. He is the current director of a research centre, I-LanD, which investigates identity, language and diversity in discourse. His major and most recent publications include: Queering Masculinities in Language and Culture (with P. Baker, Palgrave: 2017); Humosexually Speaking. Laughter and the Intersections of Gender (with D. Chiaro, de Genere: 2016); “Who’s afraid of Conchita Wurst? Drag Performers and the Construction of Multimodal Prosody” (in Sindoni, M.G.; Wildfeuer, J.; O’Halloran, K. eds, Routledge: 2016); Languaging Diversity (with M.C. Nisco, Cambridge Scholar Publishing: 2015); Language, Theory and Society (with M.C. Nisco, Liguori: 2015); Masculinity and Representation (Loffredo: 2014) and Variation and Varieties in Contexts of English (with J. Bamford and J. Vincent, AION: 2012).
  • Dr Beata Grzeszczakowska-Pawlikowska, Department of German Studies at the University of Lodz (1 week via Erasmus+ arrangement)