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Profile photo of Pascale Baker

Pascale Baker

On leave in T2, 2023/24

Banditry in Latin American literature and culture from the 19th century to the present, narco-culture and narco-literature, cultural representations of women bandits, rebels and fighters in Latin America, masculinities and violence in Latin American literature.

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Profile photo of Lourdes Barquín Sanmartín

Lourdes Barquín Sanmartín

Language Acquisition, particularly comparing L2 & L3 acquisition processes, positive transfers between typologically-similar languages (e.g. French L2 into Spanish L3), inter-comprehension between similar languages and Pluralistic Approaches

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Profile photo of Diana Battaglia

Diana Battaglia

On leave 23/24

Latin American literature, especially Cuban literature; the relationship between contemporary cultural production, cultural identity and society in Cuba; Spanish and Latin American detective fiction, and the representation of cultural memory and cultural identity in crime fiction.

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Profile photo of Eva Bru-Dominguez

Eva Bru-Dominguez

Head of Spanish

Contemporary Visual culture, performance art and dance with a particular interest in Catalan artists. Focus of attention is the body and matter.

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Profile photo of Mary Farrelly

Mary Farrelly

Erasmus Incoming | College VP for EDI

Gender, mysticism, and spirituality in contemporary Spanish cultural production, particularly in film and theatre.

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Profile photo of  Paul McAleer

Paul McAleer

Relationship between visual and written mediums and hybrid cultural forms, with focus on the relationship between comedy and narratives of identity as well as comic books and the representation of indigenous identity, contemporary 'urban' Latin American literature and indigenous literatures

Profile photo of Philip Johnston

Philip Johnston

Twentieth-Century Spanish literature (especially Antonio Machado and the Generation of 1927); Translation.

Profile photo of Hannie Lawlor

Hannie Lawlor

Teaching & Learning | Erasmus Outgoing (Spanish) | Global Studies Rep

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Profile photo of Tara Plunkett

Tara Plunkett

BA Modern Languages coordinator

Surrealism in Spain and Mexico; the historical avant-gardes; visual cultures; gender studies; hybrid bodies/identities; the 1927 Generation in Spain.

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Profile photo of María Ana Rodíguez

María Ana Rodíguez

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Profile photo of Julio Sanz

Julio Sanz

School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

University College Dublin Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 8302