Impact Case Studies

Through linkages with non-governmental organisations, and partnerships with a wide range of universities nationally and internationally, including in developing countries, the impact of our researcher’s work is significant. Success in the University’s Research Impact Competition highlights the superb research undertaken at the UCD College of Social Sciences and Law.

The following case studies capture and convey samples of the national and global impacts of the research, scholarship and innovation undertaken in the College.

Featured Study - Improving Banking Culture for Good

Dr Joe McGrath studies the evolution and enforcement of corporate and white-collar criminal liability in contemporary societies, mainly in Ireland and the US. The intellectual signature in his work explores paradoxes running through regulatory paradigms. In his work on white-collar crime, he demonstrates that while the State may invoke on paper its most powerful weapon of moral censure, criminal law, it is remarkably lenient in practice when the law is not enforced.


Improving Banking Culture for GoodPDF|385KB Improving the livelihoods of marginalised groups in VietnamPDF|716KB ‘My World Survey 2’: Improving Youth Mental Health in IrelandPDF|834KB Democracy in the European Union – getting it rightPDF|1447KB Playing Social Roulette: The impact of gambling on individuals and society in IrelandPDF|224KB