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Friday, 30 November, 2018


The UCD School of Archaeology has a long-established tradition of pursuing exciting and wide-ranging research. The research undertaken at the School contributed to our ever-expanding knowledge of the past. Much of the research at the School and the UCD Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture informs teaching thus allowing students avail of the latest archaeological discoveries and knowledge. Researchers at the School have both a local and global focus carrying out diverse work in multiple locations around the world, including Ireland, North America, Europe, the Mediterranean and East and Southeast Asia. The exceptional work at the UCD School of Archaeology has also been recognised internationally with researchers receiving prestigious Irish and European funding awards in recent years.


The UCD School of Economics is a leading research-intensive department with many of its members excelling in their respective fields. Many researchers at the School publish in leading international journals and regularly contribute to public policy analysis. There is a broad range of research interests at the School such as applied microeconomics, international trade, health economics, econometrics, macroeconomics and economic history. Much of the research undertaken is published in highly respected international journals: Journal of Political Economy, Review of Economic Studies, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Economic Journal, Journal of Finance and Review of Economics and Statistics. Furthermore, there is a strong inter-disciplinary research tradition having achieved publications in fields such as applied mathematics, biology, political science, public health, psychology and social history. The wide-ranging research interests of the UCD School of Economics are reflected in their successful (opens in a new window)working paper series.


The UCD School of Education is a vibrant inter-disciplinary centre of excellence providing leadership and guidance to the wider educational community in Ireland. Research at the School is focused upon defined thematic clusters: Rights, Equalities and Social Justice; Time, Space and Place; Heart, Mind and Body; Leading, Teaching and Learning. Researchers at the School have extensive engagement with educational practitioners, senior policymakers, government and non-governmental organisations. The impact of the UCD School of Education’s research is reflected in the broad range of internationally recognised books and journal publications. The superb research carried out at the School is also demonstrated in their exciting graduate programmes.

Public Policy

The Geary Institute for Public Policy is an interdisciplinary research centre which focuses primarily upon developing frontier methods of social sciences investigation thus producing excellence in research publication. A key priority of the Institute is enhancing the ranking and profile of its researchers through training the next generation of social scientists. The Geary Institute serves as an important link between superb researchers and the University’s social science graduate students. Moreover, the Institute also seeks to provide valuable and relevant socio-economic and evidence-based contributions through interaction with senior policymakers and the wider society. Many researchers at the Geary Institute for Public Policy are recipients of prestigious funding awards.


The UCD School of Geography is internationally recognised as a centre of excellence for teaching, learning and research with one of the largest student populations. The School has an active research culture and strategy which seeks to deliver excellence in each of its specialisations. Research at the School of Geography is centred upon three theoretically-driven and empirically-tested thematic clusters: Geopolitics, economies and space; Societies, landscapes and power; and Environmental change. Continued specialisation, an innovative international exploration and interdisciplinary collaboration within UCD, nationally and internationally produces high-quality research published in respected, prestigious journals and by leading editors. Researchers at the UCD School of Geography contribute to public policy, addressing important societal and environmental problems.

Information and Communication Studies

The UCD School of Information and Communication Studies has a strong transdisciplinary and innovative research base with expertise in a wide variety of subject areas including applications, behaviours, design, management, methods and theory across Information and Communication studies. Thematic clusters enable cutting edge important research into current issues such as Digital Curation and Digital Heritage, Information and Digital Literacy, Human-Computer Interaction, Communication and Technology, Scholarly Communication and Research Evaluation, Critical Information Studies, Information Behaviour, Data Journalism, Information and Media. Researchers at the School collaborate internationally and have been awarded significant research funding thus enhancing the reputation of the work at the UCD School of Communication and Information Studies.


The UCD Sutherland School of Law is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for teaching, learning and research in Irish, European and International law. Research at the School takes place within highly specialised and inter-disciplinary thematic research groups and centres. Much of the research plays an important role in influencing the development of the legal system and in informing public policy. The current body of research ties into UCD's overall Strategy for Research, Innovation and Impact (2015-2020); which is strongly committed to excellence in research and innovation and to delivering impact locally, nationally and globally. The engaging and impactful research activities of the Sutherland School of Law are reflected in their excellent (opens in a new window)research working paper series and superb research seminar series.


The UCD School of Philosophy is the largest teaching and research centre for Philosophy in Ireland. The School is home to pioneering faculty who are unique in the broad range research and teaching interests. Researchers at the School are engaged in an extremely diverse collection of research topics including Contemporary European (Continental) Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy and Cognitive Science. Many of the researchers have successfully published their work in respected international journals in the history of philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and are prominent in international academic circles. The inspiring research at the UCD School of Philosophy is disseminated through their innovative institutes and centres and the (opens in a new window)International Journal of Philosophical Studies.

Politics and International Relations

The UCD School of Politics and International Relations is a dynamic, multi-faceted and highly-international school. Researchers at the School are engaged in cutting-edge research on a broad range of current political issues including Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship, Nationalism, Ethnicity and Conflict, Representation and Public Policy: Irish and Comparative Perspectives, European and International Integration, Political Economy and International Development. The School also hosts three research centres: UCD Institute for British-Irish Studies, UCD Dublin European Institute, UCD Centre for Sustainable Development Studies are of which have strong national and international networks. Researchers publish with respected book editors, in high-ranking journals, contribute to public policy, government and voluntary organisations at national, European and International levels. The research strengths of the UCD School of Politics and International Relations are reflected in their successful seminar series, workshops and podcasts.


The UCD School of Psychology is a leading centre for research, teaching and professional training in Psychology. Research at the School is focused around key thematic clusters, strategic centres and experimental laboratories. The central research groups at the School include Clinical Psychology Group, Cognitive Behavioural Neuroscience Group, Disability and Rehabilitation Group, Social and Developmental Psychology. The School also hosts highly reputable research centres and laboratories which explore exciting issues and pursues innovative research. Much of the research undertaken contributes to the research degrees available at the School of Psychology. The impact of this vibrant research tradition is demonstrated through the School’s seminars and public lecture series with invited prominent guest speakers. Many researchers engage with health and public policy development and conference presentations in addition to achieving high-ranking prestigious publications.

Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice

The UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice is an interdisciplinary research and teaching hub for policy, practice and equality. Research at the School takes place within three defined remits: Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice. Social Policy focuses upon welfare states in Ireland and internationally with a particular interest in social security, housing, education, immigration, crime, health, family policy, private welfare, sustainable social policy and the environment, and disadvantaged neighbourhoods and groups, such as households in poverty. The Social Work research themes are centred upon social work policy and practice, with an emphasis on health and mental health; child protection and well-being; drugs and addiction, anti-discriminatory practise; education and learning. While Social Justice research explores issues such as equality, gender, care, sexuality and gender identity, human rights, social movements and social change strategies, and public policy. Researchers in each of the three strands at the School engage in national and international networks, contribute to public policy debates and actively participate at the School’s research centres.


The UCD School of Sociology is Ireland's leading centre for education and research in sociology. The School encompasses a wide range of diverse and exciting research interests, including comparative, quantitative and historical research. Current research topics include complexity and emergent changes in society; globalization, inequality, migration and diversity, social and policy networks, the state and national identity, health and illness, criminology and socio-legal studies, gender and childhood. The School has a vibrant research culture with many post-doctoral and PhD researchers working alongside faulty. Researchers also participate in several UCD research centres and institutes and are actively involved in the Irish Journal of Sociology. Much of the research work is demonstrated and communicated through a successful and engaging seminar series.

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