From the Archives - New Doppler Ultrasound for College

In this edition of ‘From the Archives,’ we’re looking back to 2001 when the Vet School acquired a Doppler Ultrasound - the first in the country.  With the recently installed MRI in the Veterinary Hospital, and the development of cutting-edge CT services over the last number of years, it’s a timely look back at previous developments in our Diagnostic Imaging Unit.

The past year has brought exciting changes to the Diagnostic Imaging Department and especially for Cliona Skelly. The college has purchased the first Colour Flow Doppler Ultrasound machine for veteri­nary use in the country and she has been appointed to the post of college lecturer in diagnostic imaging.

It is fitting that Cliona, who put many hours of spade-work into acquiring this state of the art machine for the college, should be able to reap the benefits of the latest technology.  ‘This new Doppler is the same type used in many major Dublin hospitals,’ explained Cliona. 'It not only provides colour to view differing blood flow but its high quality resolution provides much better images.  It's much easier now to visualise adrenal glands in obese Cushing’s patients.'

The new machine will also dramatically improve imaging of the cardiopulmonary system.  In the past, for example, diagnosis of aortic stenosis in Boxers was difficult and tedious. The new machine will help visualise the turbulent blood flow as a myriad of colour.  Long term this will be of great benefit to any case requiring ultrasound examination and to breeding clubs interested in screening sires and dams for heart disease.

From Pegasus, Spring 2001