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Student Progress Committee

Student Progress Committee

Please see below for the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions for students who have failed a core module and for information on the School's Student Progress Committee (SPC).

If you fail to pass a module, you must remediate this module. You should check what remediation strategy is in place for the module by looking at the 'What happens if I fail?' section of the module descriptor. You may have an option to either re-sit or repeat the module.

  • If a re-sit is offered, you will need to register to re-sit the module the following trimester. The timing (if the re-sit is offered during the trimester or during the exam period), and the format (if it’s a terminal exam and its duration, or if it’s another form of assessment) are specified in the module descriptor.

Please make sure that you register to a re-sit on SIS before registration closes. Key dates for registration can be found on the UCD Current Students Website

Your re-sit will be graded as pass/fail and suffixed with (R), e.g. P(R) which has a grade point of 2.0.

It is recommended that you get in touch with your module coordinator to ask for feedback on your assessment once grades are published.

  • If you failed a re-sit in a module, you will be required to repeat it - repeat means that you will be required to attend all lectures/tutorials/labs and complete all assessments. Please note that repeating modules may have an impact on your progression due to timetable clashes. A meeting with the SPC may also be requested.
  • You should check if the module you failed is a learning requirement or a requisite for any other module, as this may also have an impact on your progression in the programme.

In line with UCD Academic Regulations, you may register to a maximum of 40 credits in a trimester only.Re-sits and repeats will be included in the calculation of your workload.

Students who fail more than 10 credits cannot progress to the next stage as per UCD Academic Regulations.

Students who are not progressing in their programme are required to attend a meeting with the Student Progress Committee.

The Student Progress Committee supports and offers advice to students, it is not a disciplinary committee. The purpose of the meeting with the Committee is to review your academic grades and to inform you of the supports that are available to address any issues that may have contributed to the difficulties you encountered in your programme.

The Committee is made up of a Chair and a Vice Chair, who are members of the faculty, and a member of the Programme Office.

The Committee will outline a clear academic plan to support your progression through your programme in a timely manner.

Following the release of the results, you will receive an email invitation with the date and time for you to attend your meeting with the Student Progress Committee. Please note that these meetings are mandatory, and you must attend.

Please note that you will not be accompanied by anyone to this meeting.

Following the meeting you will receive a summary of the points that were discussed and action(s) for you to complete.

Before attending the meeting, we would ask students to reflect on the trimester and to consider their academic performance - the following questions are designed to help with this task:

  • How did you feel about your overall performance this trimester prior to receiving your exam results?
  • Were you surprised by the results you received?
  • Can you think of any reasons why you received the results you received?
  • Did you experience any specific challenges when studying this trimester?
  • Are there any areas where you think you would benefit from specific advice or additional support?
  • How are you planning to manage your workload and approach to studying in the next trimester?
  • Are the subject(s) you have failed (or gained IX grades for) prerequisites for any of the subjects in the next academic year?

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