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Single Subject Major (transferring to)

Why switch to single honours economics?

You should consider switching to single honours economics if you a) have a strong interest in economics, b) have performed well in your first and second year ECON modules, and c) want an economics-related career when you finish your studies.
Research from the UK shows that, relative to not going to college, studying economics at university boosts women's pay by 75% and men's pay by 40% by age 30; which is more than ten times the return to studying some other subjects such as creative arts (Britton et al. 2020).

Application Conditions for Economics Single Major 2024

  • Students must be studying Economics in DN700 as a Joint Major, Major/Minor, PPE or EMS.
  • Students must be eligible to progress to Stage 3 in their degree (i.e. have passed all Stage 1 credits and at least 50 credits in Stage 2).
  • By the end of Stage 2, you must have achieved an average GPA of at least 3.4 across the following modules:
    • ECON20010
    • ECON20020
    • ECON20040 (or STAT10060 for EMS students) 
  • You must have achieved at least a B- grade in ECON20040 (or STAT10060 for EMS students)

What happens if I transfer to the single major?

  • If you transfer, you will remain registered in DN700 (4-year degree) and you will receive a BSc in Economics.
  • You will not join the cohort of students in DN710 (3-year degree). You will have to complete a 4-year degree and you still have the possibility to go away or do an internship. Please contact the Social Sciences College Office ((opens in a new window)socialsciences@ucd.ie), for any questions in relation to these.
  • If you have not already passed MATH20330 or MST20050 or MST20070, then you will have to take and pass one of these modules.
  • You will be required to enrol in the following modules in either Stage 3 or Stage 4:
    • ECON30130 Econometrics
    • ECON30290 Advanced Microeconomics
    • ECON30120 Advanced Macroeconomics
    • ECON30530 Advanced Econometrics: Microeconometrics or ECON30540 Advanced Econometrics: Time Series
    • Economics Research Project (Stage 4 only)

You should be aware that these are difficult, technical modules.

  • Students who do not go away or do an internship must take 100 credits of economics modules spread over stages 3 and 4 (you will take almost every Economics Level 3 module that we offer). The remaining 20 credits can be taken from modules outside of economics.

Applications will be taken from April 1st until May 31st, 2024.

Please follow (opens in a new window)this link.

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