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Create multimedia resources

There are many formats that you can use to communicate your message. Why just type a tweet when an image says a thousand words? These pages offer guidance on using videos, podcasts and other multimedia to help your research stand out.

Infographics, presentations, posters and flyers

Learn design tips and discover services and software that can help you create eye-catching visual aids. See more >

Data visualisation

Read our guide on how to represent your data in a visually interesting way. See more >


From high-end productions to homemade demos shot on smartphones, video is the fastest growing media for reaching diverse audiences. See more >


Audio is a great way to promote your research and showcase your expertise. Learn about different channels and check out our production tips. See more >

Blogs and articles

What constitutes a good blog post these days? Learn how to write one, and see our guide on how to write articles and news stories for UCD channels. See more >

Web content

Learn the basics about creating content for websites. See more >

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