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Promote Your Research

Tips and guides to increase the visibility, citation rate and impact of your research outputs

Stand out from the crowd

Over the past decade, researchers around the world published more than 30 million outputs. Without some help, it can be difficult for your research to stand out, no matter how excellent it is.

But there are simple steps you can take – both online and offline – to get your best outputs noticed by the right people. The advice on this site can help you to build your profile as a researcher, advance your career, increase your citations, write more compelling funding applications, find future collaborators, and share your findings.

Not all information will be relevant to you amid your other time commitments, but we hope that some will be helpful as you seek to give your research the best chance of finding an audience and making a difference.

Learn how to...

Increase your citations

Increase your citations

Citations remain an important metric for researchers. And the tips found across this website can help ensure other researchers find, use and cite your outputs.

We've also developed a specific guide with practical steps to help you increase your citations and make a difference in your field.

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UCD Research Impact Toolkit

UCD Research Impact Toolkit

Promote Your Research is aimed at individual researchers who want to make it easier for people to find and use the outputs of their work.

If you’re interested in how your research can have a positive impact on society, you may wish to explore our sister site, the Research Impact Toolkit.

Need a communications plan for your research project?

The Research Services Portal includes resources for creating a communications and dissemination strategy for your research project, helping you to engage stakeholders, drive research impact, and raise the profile of your research. See the Local and Central Supports sections for communications contacts across the university.

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