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Adjunct, Emeritus & Visiting Staff

Adjunct, Emeritus and Visiting Staff

  • Philip Dodd ((opens in a new window)philip.dodd@ucd.ie) Consultant Psychiatrist/Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Psychology Intellectual disability; psychiatry of intellectual disability; bereavement; ageing; palliative care; disability studies
  • Nancy Stenson ((opens in a new window)nancy.stenson@ucd.ie) is Professor Emerita in Linguistic at the University of Minnesota and is currently a Marie Curie Sklodowska International Incoming Fellow in the School of Psychology, conducting research on literacy in Irish
  • Tom O'Brien Mental health recovery, recovery oriented practice & services; psychosocial rehabilitation; the Recovery Context Inventory and scale development
  • Patricia Noonan Walsh ((opens in a new window)patricia.walsh@ucd.ie) Disability
  • Aidan McKiernan ((opens in a new window)aidan.mckiernan@ucd.ie) is Adjunct Professor at the School of Psychology and Principal Clinical Psychologist (Specialist) and Clinical Lead for Research at (opens in a new window)LauraLynn Ireland’s Children’s Hospice. Areas of interest include children’s palliative care, communication of psychological science, mindfulness-based therapies, (opens in a new window)medico-legal practice, positive psychology, and competency development in clinical psychology.
  • Fionnuala Larkin, Clinical Psychologist and Associate Lecturer in Psychology at University of York. Interests in developmental disorders, including autism, ADHD, and intellectual disability.
  • Paul O'Donoghue: Adjunct Lecturer / Assistant Professor, School of Psychology. Chartered Clinical and Organisational Psychologist (PSI). Specialist interests: Physical Disability and Behavioural Psychology.
  • Grania Clarke ((opens in a new window)grania.clarke@ucd.ie) Director of Psychology & Systemic Psychotherapist. Intellectual disability and psychological wellbeing; family systemic psychotherapy; working across culture; staff groups; reflective practice
  • Mitchel Fleming ((opens in a new window)mitchel.fleming@ucd.ie) Consultant Clinical and Educational Psychologist with Gheel Autism Services/Adjunct Assistant Professor in Psychology; autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disability; assessment and diagnosis; ASD intervention
  • Conor O'Malley ((opens in a new window)conor.omalley@ucd.ie) Senior Clinical Psychologist in HSE; Adult mental health, substance abuse and mental illness, forensic clinical psychology, application of Power Threat Meaning Framework to hospital based and community mental health teams, diagnosing dementia.
  • John McEvoy ((opens in a new window)john.mcevoy@ucd.ie) Consultant Clinical Psychologist/Adjunct Asst. Professor in Psychology Intellectual Disability; Bereavement; staff training
  • Dr John Francis Leader, also known as JFL, is a consulting psychologist and cognitive scientist who specialises in personal leadership, experiential learning and mixed reality therapy; assisting people in successfully navigating the physical, the virtual and the imaginary. John spends his time between training, consultancy and therapeutic work in private practice, and academic research—which he conducts from the Cognitive Science Programme and the Media & Entertainment Lab at the School of Psychology at University College Dublin where he is an Adjunct Research Fellow. By combining multimedia techniques with current psychological research, JFL’s work aims to make therapy more fun, immersive and effective—a type of theme park meets therapy experience. Website/social media links |(opens in a new window)twitter(opens in a new window)facebook |(opens in a new window) instagram | (opens in a new window)linkedin | (opens in a new window)soundcloud | (opens in a new window)youtube
  • John Sharry
  • Alberto Blanco-Campal
  • Julie Beadle-Brown
  • Graham Connon
  • Jakob Christensen
  • David Coleman
  • Eilin De Paor
  • Colin Doherty
  • Eithne Fitzgerald
  • Marie French
  • Michael Tully
  • Gillian Fortune
  • Evelyn Burke
  • Niamh Clarke-McMahon
  • Christy Lynch
  • Tony Bates
  • Aileen O'Reilly
  • Fiadhnait O'Keeffe
  • Teresa O'Mahony
  • Dr Eddie Murphy
  • Dr Jenneken Naaldenberg
  • Odhran McCarthy
  • Anne Dodd
  • Luke Maher
  • Ciaran Reinhardt
  • Lucia Prihodova
  • Fabrizia Ferraro
  • Fintan Sheerin
  • Anthony Staines
  • Torbjorn Tomson
  • Rosemary Walsh

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