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Summer School 2021


New Advances in Online Research Methods

Virtual Summer School

17th - 18th of August 2021

The Affective, Behavioural and Cognitive (ABC) Neuroscience theme in the School of Psychology is hosting a summer school on “New Advances in Online Research Methods”. The summer school will run on the 17th and 18th of August and will be used as a platform to launch the new ABC Neuroscience theme.

Attendance to the ABC Neuroscience Summer School is free of charge.

The ABC Neuroscience Summer School will consist of workshops and seminar-style sessions on different types of methods we can utilise for researching online, and also, provide an opportunity for researchers to display their work with a virtual poster session. 

Registration for the ABC Neuroscience Summer School is now closed.

The ABC Neuroscience Summer School will be an opportunity for researchers to present their work with online methods of research in the area of Affective, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuropsychology. The call is for researchers to provide posters of their work that might be complete, in progress or a protocol of future work. The only requirements are that the work is broadly in the area of Affective, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience (including Cognitive Psychology) and utilises online methods of research.

Abstract submission for the poster presentation is now closed.

Any questions or queries related to submitting abstracts please direct to psysummerschool@ucd.ie 

Authors Title (click on the title for poster)
Maryanne Brassil, Saoirse Comerford, Jade Duffy, Sarah Maher, and Associate Professor Ciara Greene

Investigating the impact of working memory capacity and perceptual capacity on eyewitness memory accuracy between scenes with high versus low perceptual load. 

Video presentation available here

Caroline Dawson, Dr Ciara Green and Dr Gillian Murphy

Lost in the Supermarket: A Replication of Loftus and Pickrell's (1995) Lost in the Mall Study on False Memories

Video presentation available here

Collette Duncan MSc and Dr Victoria Simms 

Mathematics in Pre-term Pre-Schoolers (MIPP) 

Video presentation available here

SB Galvin and R Murphy 

Preliminary Rasch Analysis of the Matrix Reasoning Item Bank 

Video presentation available here

Assim Kalouaz 

Exploring online VR studies for mixed methods experiments

Video presentation available here

Akansha Mahesh Naraindas and Dr Sarah Maeve Cooney 

Body based mental imagery and its relationship to body image disturbances and interoception from adolescence to late adulthood 

Video presentation available here

Keith O'Donnell, Dr Patricia Gough and Prof. Sean Commins 

The Embodiment of Adjectives in a Lexical Decision Task 

Video presentation available here

Diana R Pereira, Eunice R Silva, Carina Carvalho-Maia, Sara Monteiro-Reis, Carmen Jerónimo and Rui Henrique

The effects of internet-supported mindfulness-based cognitive therapy on brain-derived extracellular vesicles and psychological distress in cancer: A study protocol 

Video presentation available here

Flaviano da Silva Santos, Dr Katalin Bálint, Dr Tom Burke and Dr Brendan Rooney Online validation of a measure of social cognition through the manipulation of close-up shots in film 
Tom Chan and Dr Sarah Cooney  Multisensory integration in hand laterality judgments 
Rachel Clutterbuck  Development and Validation of the Four-Item Mentalising Index
Katie Ryan, Associate Professor Ciara Green and Dr Gillian Murphy  Assessing How Phenomenology Predicts the Debriefing Process in False Memory Formation 
Pheobe Sun and Andrew Hines  Procedure for measuring listening effort and perceived speech quality through attention-related task performance in an online dual-task experiment  

All queries about the ABC Neuroscience Summer School should be directed to psysummerschool@ucd.ie.

To keep up with news about the ABC Neuroscience Summer School and the ABC Neuroscience Theme follow us on Twitter @UCD_ABCneuro

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