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Ciara Sheehan - Psychology

Ciara Sheehan - BA Psychology ‘14

What are your best memories of UCD? 

My best memories are in the sports centre playing volleyball and hanging around outside the arts block between classes. You'd always see someone you know or getting to chat to new people.

What first sparked your interest in Psychology?

My interest in people and I also wanted a break from school subjects. I felt psychology would be the most interesting for me. 

What career path have you taken since graduating?

Since graduating I started off working in the Human Resources department of a financial Institution looking after employee wellbeing programmes and benefits. I then moved within  that company to a role as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Specialist. I have since changed to the food retail industry and I am currently a CSR Manager with Lidl. I also have done a variety of different volunteering jobs like coaching and working with people with disabilities and assisting with helplines. 

How has your degree helped you along the way?

I have found my degree helpful in many different ways. It has helped me to have a much better understanding about other people as well self -awareness. I learnt a lot about communication, planning and being organised through different tasks and working groups. I also learnt how to work with different people with different interests, skills and abilities.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy knowing that my work is positively impacting people and society.

What advice would you offer current students considering a similar career path?

It can be daunting making 'career' decisions, but nobody has the answer. Learn trough trying and give everything your best, even if it isn't what you thought, you'll still gain so much without even realising. 

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