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Undergraduate Degree Options

There are five degrees in social sciences in UCD and each degree has a separate CAO code:

  • BSc Social Sciences DN700
  • BSocSc Social Policy & Sociology DN750
  • BEd Education with Gaeilge &/or Modern Languages DN760
  • BSc Economics DN710
  • BSc Psychology DN720

BSc Social Sciences (DN700)

With this 4-year degree, you select one option from the following at CAO: Two Subject Combination (Joint Major OR Major/Minor subjects); Philosophy, Politics & Economics; Computational Social Science OR Economics, Mathematics & Statistics. Your subject choices are guaranteed. You will gain a deep understanding of each subject you choose to study and develop real world skills in research, communication, and leadership. You may additionally apply for an internship, or study abroad for a year or a trimester.

BSocSc Social Policy & Sociology (DN750)

This 3-year degree is a joint major in Social Policy and Sociology. If you are interested in exploring how societies, communities and families work and wish to make a difference to the world, affect cultural change, contribute to public service or corporate responsibility, then this course is for you.

After first year you will follow one of three career orientated pathways, which will refine and develop your skills:

  • Social Work & Social Professions
  • Society & Public Service
  • Work, Organisations & People

BEd Education with Gaeilge &/or Modern Languages (DN760)

This 4-year degree blends language learning and initial teacher education to prepare students to work as a language teacher in post-primary schools in the Irish education system. Post Primary Teaching qualification accredited by Teaching Council of Ireland. You can study two languages (French, Spanish, German, Italian or Portuguese, an Ghaeilge) or an Ghaeilge solely.

The following combinations are available:

  • BEd Education and Gaeilge
  • BEd Education with Gaeilge and 1 Modern Language
  • BEd Education with 2 Modern Languages

BSc Economics  (DN710)

The Single-Major Economics degree is a 3-year concentrated course designed for students who wish to study economics intensively throughout their time at UCD. This economics degree explores how and why people make decisions and choose between alternative ways of spending their money and using their time, energy and skills.

BSc Psychology (DN720)

This 3-year Psychology degree has core modules that will introduce you to major theories and research methods, and you will also have a chance to choose option modules in specialist areas of psychology (e.g. counselling, clinical psychology and forensic psychology). The degree is recognised by the Psychological Society of Ireland, and as such provides the foundation for further postgraduate training in any field of psychology.

For more information on any of the degrees in social sciences in UCD, email: emma.donovan@ucd.ie

  • BSc Social SciencesDN700
  • BSocSc Social Policy & SociologyDN750
  • BEd Education with Gaeilge &/or Modern LanguagesDN760
  • BSc EconomicsDN710
  • BSc PsychologyDN720

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