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Agile to extend to CoE to support POST

Agile was first created of out UCD's 2015-2020 strategy through the initiative to 'increasing agility and effectiveness' in our processes and procedures. Since then, our aim has been to support the university community in making UCD a better place to teach, research, work and learn. You will be aware that UCD is now working to the 2020-2024 Strategy and will have received updates from the Acting President, Mark Rogers, on the Programme for Operations and Transformation (POST). This is an important programme which will contribute significantly to UCD’s strategic theme of Transforming through Digital Technology as outlined in the(opens in a new window) UCD Strategy 2020-2024.

As highlighted in the August update by Acting President Mark Rogers, UCD Agile will be extended to develop a Centre of Excellence to support the Programme for Operations and Transformation (POST).

The programme approved by UMT in April committed to “providing a transformation programme centre of excellence which will support transformation and innovation, and ensure coherence, in two ways:

  • Providing direct support to transformation activities, to lead the transformation capability support provision, to work with units and offices in planning transformations, and supporting the Service Focus Segments.

  • Working with units and offices in developing their own supports for transformation capabilities, experience and skill sets.”

In practice, this means Agile will continue to support and work with the UCD community as we always have, and we will also become the home to ‘direct support’. This will likely mean a (small) team of resources in UCD Agile as well as access to 3rd party resources for transformation work as necessary. Clearly, what this looks like and how this works needs to be designed. This design work is currently in hand and due to be completed in Autumn 2022.

As soon as there is more clarity, we will share it. For the moment, be assured that we are still available to you as a member of the UCD community and that at our core, we are here to support your efforts to make UCD a better place to teach, research, work and learn.