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UCD Agile introduces the Ardmore Project as the answer to your process improvement problems

Monday, 6 November, 2017

06 Nov 2017

UCD Agile are pleased to announce the launch of a new support model for your process improvement efforts. Ardmore Projects promise to make it easier for you to break away from the day job and dedicate some time and energy to process improvements.

An Ardmore Project is a 6 to 12 week improvement cycle where 2 to 4 people dedicate a predefined percentage of their working hours to improving a process in their area. The overall duration of the project and the percentage of working hours dedicated to it are determined by the scope of the process improvement. The work takes place in UCD Agile, in the Ardmore Annex, hence the ‘Ardmore project’. For example, two Ardmore Projects of the same scale may be completed in 6 weeks dedicating 2 days a week, or 12 weeks dedicating 1 day a week to the project.

The participants are provided with:

  • Lean training at the start of their project 

  • On-going support from the Agile consultants, both in the tools and techniques of Lean and in 
project management 

  • Access to the Work Smarter Space for the duration of their project (tea, coffee, printers, 
materials, writable walls meeting space etc.)
After the project is completed, your CIL will work closely with you and your colleagues to ensure that the improvement is sustained and your efforts result in real change for the better.

If you are interested in running an Ardmore Project or just want to know more contact us on (opens in a new window)agile@ucd.ie