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Agile training and Core Competencies

70/20/10 Learning model

UCD Agile provides training, coaching & mentoring sessions, and support in delivery of a project. Agile's support is relevant to 70/20/10 learning model.

The 70% - Agile's support delivering improvements

The 20% - Agile's coaching and mentoring

The 10% - Training with Agile

Agile's training and UCD Core Competencies

By taking UCD Agile's training you are developing skils that are aligned to UCD Core Competencies. However, training is only an input. To truly learn you must put it into practice. To demonstrate the learning you must show the outcomes of it.

The table below uses Green Belt training as an example and provides you with details on how it links to multiple UCD Core Competencies.

Core Competencies

Core Competencies Details

Green Belt relationship to Core Competencies

Building Relationships

  • Builds effective working relationships within own area and more broadly
  • Encourages cooperation and collaboration in others
  • Fosters partnerships to achieve results
  • Defines, builds, and manages effective working relationships with project sponsor, project team and stakeholders

Communicating Effectively

  • Engages in written and oral communication that is clear, unambiguous, transparent, and consistent with UCD’s Values
  • Conveys and shares information and ideas with others, listens carefully, clarifies understanding and considers different viewpoints
  • Understands the importance of effective communication among team in managing organisational change, as well as communications planning

Leading People

  • Influences others in a positive way Aligns and builds effective teams both within School/Unit/College and across UCD
  • Works effectively with senior management and with the University’s academic and business communities Mentors, motivates and guides others towards achievement of goals.
  • Builds teams and applies tools for effective teaming

Managing Change

  • Takes a positive approach to tackling work and embraces change
  • Invites feedback relating to performance and deals constructively with it
  • Fosters an environment of innovation and change
  • Ensures appropriate stakeholder involvement and engagement in change programmes/projects
  • Ensures change is aligned with UCD’s core Values.
  • Recognises the key principles and tools for managing change in the organisation

Managing Stakeholders

  • Understands the importance of stakeholder engagement
  • Responds to stakeholder needs and manages expectations
  • Is sensitive to the different requirements within a diverse University setting
  • Develops and maintains strong working relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Identifies the stakeholders and understands how the project will affect them in order to meet their needs

Planning & Organisation






  • Plans and organises own work effectively
  • Sets clear priorities and ensures deadlines are met
  • Organises activities, separates and combines tasks to deliver outputs according to a clear timeframe to realise
  • School/Unit/College/University objectives
  • Plans, prioritises, and organises the project activities effectively

Project Management

  • Ensures project or programme goals, purpose, and criteria for success are clearly defined at the outset
  • Clarifies related roles and responsibilities, deliverables, milestones
  • Builds a detailed project plan and carefully monitors progress against it
  • Takes full responsibility for a project from initiation and planning to implementation and control, usually leading a small project team

Service Focus & Innovation

  • Understands and anticipates customer needs
  • Acts to provide high-quality products and services to meet expectations of all internal and external stakeholders
  • Generates a range of innovative ideas to make systems/procedures more customer friendly
  • Understands internal and external customer needs and applies technical and creative tools to problem solving

Taking Initiative

  • Makes suggestions for improvements in own work area
  • Acts early to address and resolve problems and find solutions
  • Is proactive in relation to own development, utilising feedback mechanisms
  • Discovers opportunity and finds a solution

Working Strategically

  • Develops a vision for the School/Unit/College/University and
    translates this vision into action
  • Aligns the School/Unit/College objectives with the University’s goals and objectives
  • Communicates UCD’s vision in ways that gains the support of others
  • Sees opportunities across different areas of activity and proactively connects the dots
  • Demonstrates the alignment of project objectives to local/University strategy

Agile's other training offerings and services can also be mapped to UCD Core Competencies. Having said that, the scale of an initiative determines the opportunity to learn.