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Agile guide to - Streamlining Meetings

 Streamlining Meetings 

Meetings are a big element of our working lives but often we experience unstructured meetings that leave participants tired, confused and without clear outcomes. Whether you are chairing a meeting, or attending as a participant, the following are guides and resources designed to help you think about ‘How do we help meetings work for us?’ 

These resources are intended for use as standalone guides, and can also be used in conjunction with our (opens in a new window)Distributed Office training session on Streamlining Meetings - for details of upcoming training, contact the Agile team at (opens in a new window)agile@ucd.ie

You can use these as starting points - feel free to download and amend to suit your needs:

DO Streamlining Meetings Checklist

Develop this checklist for your own use: when you are planning a meeting, or when you are attending a meeting and want to check if the meeting makes sense. 

DO Streamlining Meetings Health Check

The health check gives you a way of looking at all of your meetings and deciding on which ones need the most attention in helping them work for you. 

DO Streamlining Meetings: Running the workshop

This guide is designed to help if you're planning to run a workshop with your team, or even if you just want to think through your approach to meetings.