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UCD School of Medicine

UCD School of Medicine is Ireland’s leading research-active medical school and is an internationally recognised provider of healthcare education,with undergraduate courses in Medicine, Physiology, Biomedical Health & Life Sciences and Radiography. The ethos of research, science and a commitment to enquiry and discovery informs every aspect of the School's mission.
Breast Cancer Ireland
City of Dublin Skin and Cancer Hospital Charity (CDSCHC)

The City of Dublin Skin & Cancer Hospital Charity (CDSCHC) was founded following the sale of the sale of the voluntary hospital on Hume Street, which had provided care and treatment to people with skin disease for almost a century from 1911-2006.The Charity is dedicated to perpetuating the ethos and tradition that are a tribute to the surgeon founder of the original hospital, Dr Andrew Charles. One of its core missions is to facilitate translational dermatology to bring scientific advances from the research laboratories to the patients with skin disease as expeditiously as possible. The CDSCHC was fundamental to setting up the UCD Charles Institute in 2011, the primary dermatology research institute on the island of Ireland.
Breast Cancer Ireland
Irish Association of Dermatologists (IAD)

The IAD is the all-island of Ireland professional body for dermatologists, established some 50 years ago, to advance knowledge on diseases of the skin. The IAD organises meetings in Spring and Autumn, at which (inter)national speakers at the cutting edge of dermatology research present their work. The association has approx 135 members from across all 32 counties of the island of Ireland.

This wholly independent entity currently has its operational address at the UCD Charles Institute.
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Irish Skin Foundation (ISF)

The Irish Skin Foundation is Ireland’s national skin disease charity, with a mission to support people with skin disorders. The ISF was formed in 2011 by merging the Psoriasis Association of Ireland, the Irish Eczema Society and the Melanoma & Skin Cancer Society among others. It was established by the CDSCHC and the organization operates a Helpline, provides up-to-date specialist guidance, runs events, awareness campaigns and engages in advocacy for people with skin conditions. This wholly independent entity is currently physically located within the UCD Charles Institute.
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Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dermatology Department

The Mater Misericordiae (latin for Mother of Mercy) University Hospital is a leading Irish teaching hospital based in Dublin's north inner city. The hospital, currently managed by the Ireland East Hospital Group,  was founded in 1861 as an initiative of Catherine McAuley of the Sisters of Mercy.  University College Dublin (UCD) has been its academic partner since the hospital's foundation in 1861. Together the two institutions demonstrate a commitment to stimulating a culture of learning and enquiry, which has led to the establishment of one of the foremost centres for clinical training in Ireland. Its Department of Dermatology is currently located on 39 Eccles Street.
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St. Vincent's University (SVUH) Charles Centre Department of Dermatology

The Charles Centre Department of Dermatology at SVUH, located in the southeast of Dublin city, diagnoses and treats skin cancers as well as inflammatory diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, infections. Named after Dr. Andrew Charles, the founder of The City of Dublin Skin and Cancer Hospital, the Charles Centre for Dermatology relocated from Hume Street to St.Vincent’s University Hospital in 2006.
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Blackrock Clinic

The Blackrock Clinic is the leading and longest established private hospital and clinic in Ireland. Opening its doors in the mid-1980s, it has achieved an esteemed reputation for high-tech surgical procedures, medical treatments and ground-breaking diagnostics. Its consultant plastic surgeon Dr Siún Murphy works closely with the Charles Institute in facilitating skin research.
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Hair Restoration Blackrock (HRBR)

The Hair Restoration Blackrock clinic is Ireland’s leading centre for the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss, and perform hair transplantation surgeries.The HRBR team of specialists includes surgeons, doctors, consultant dermatologist, nurses and technicians involved in hair loss treatment and the hair transplant procedure.Dr Maurice Collins and Dr Dmitri Wall work closely with the Charles Institute in facilitating research into hair follicle disorders.
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National and International Skin Registry (NISR)

The National and International Skin Registry (NISR) Solutions company (CLG) is a Charity established 2020 (Charity Number 20205667) based out of the UCD Charles Institute.NISR was established in 2015 as a Company Limited by Guarantee) to focus on the development and support of dermatology registries.The challenges to developing registries are substantial, however NISR has developed corecompetencies and technologies that can assist and support the establishment of a disease specific registry.

NISR can assist with Governance, Ethical Approval, Patient Consent, Patient information booklets, GDPR and preparation of DPIA’s, technology platform and operations.

NISR is open to receiving requests for assistance from any dermatological disease anywhere in Ireland. These requests must be accompanied by a short proposal that demonstrates an understanding of the aims and objectives of the registry. NISR will consider each application and engage with the applicants on how the Charity can assist.

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DEBRA Ireland

DEBRA Ireland is a registered charity (NO 8703) and a registered company (No. 141279), established in 1988 to provide support services to patients and families living with the debilitating skin condition epidermolysis bullosa (EB). They also drive research into treatments and cures for those living with the condition in Ireland. DEBRA Ireland contributes substantially to the efforts of DEBRA International, and they are represented on the DEBRA International Executive Committee and are centrally involved in coordinating an effort to develop a series of clinical practice guidelines for EB. A representative of DEBRA Ireland is a member of the UCD Charles Institute Board of Directors.
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Conway Institute, University College Dublin

The Conway Institute is located adjacent to the UCD Charles Institute on the UCD Belfield campus. It is Ireland’s largest interdisciplinary biomedical research centre, exploring the mechanisms of health and disease towards the development of preventative strategies as well as novel diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. It was originally funded by an initiative of the Irish Higher Education Authority; the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI), and became operational in September 2003. The Charles Institute Director, Prof. Des Tobin, is a Conway Senior Fellow.
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Centre for Skin Sciences (CSS), University of Bradford, Britain

The Centre for Skin Sciences (CSS) in the University of Bradford is an academic centre dedicated to the research and teaching of skin and hair follicle science. Founded by Prof. Des Tobin in 2009, their research explores the cellular and molecular processes underlying skin and hair biology in both health and disease, including world-leading research focussed on the role of epigenetic processes in skin and hair biology. They have over 30 years of research into wound healing via their affiliated unit (Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit). Charles Institute director, Prof. Des Tobin, currently holds a Hon Visiting Professorship at the CSS.
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RELIFE Menarini

The UCD Charles Institute of Dermatology runs a prestigious seminar series, whereby leading clinical and non-clinical skin/dermatology scientists share their latest research with an audience of  clinical and non-clinical research professionals. Support for this biweekly series is generously provided by an unrestricted education grants from Relife Menarini Group. This partner has no input into the content of the Series.