Charles Institute Seminar Series Archive

Over 43 invited guest speakers have presented their research at the Charles Institute Seminar Series to date. We invite you to explore our seminar series archive with a list of past speakers as well as a synopses of their talk which featured in the Medical Independent.

2019-20 Series 1

 The 1st Charles Institute Seminar Series was launched in May 2019, and ran until June 2020, with 23 speakers presenting in total. Click here to explore  list of speakers from the first Charles Institute Seminar Series, including synopses of their talks.

2020-21 Series 2 Archive

 The 2nd Charles Institute Seminar Series ran from October 2020 until June 2021, with 19 invited speakers presenting. Due to the pandemic, the series was fully online. See here to explore  list of speakers from the most recent  series including synopses of their talks.