Dear Graduates 
On behalf of the staff of the School of Education, I want to sincerely congratulate you on successfully completing your programme and on being conferred, albeit virtually, in the online event on Wednesday 16th June.  Graduation from any university programme is a great achievement, but graduating from a programme during the challenging  circumstances that have prevailed throughout the past academic year is an exceptional achievement. I want to acknowledge your flexibility and adaptability in coping with, and responding to, these challenges and such flexibility will be an asset to you as you pursue your careers.  On your behalf, I want to thank all staff in the School of Education, academic, technological and administrative, for the flexibility and innovation they demonstrated in supporting you through your programmes. 
I hope you revel in your achievements and enjoy your celebrations in these restricted times. It is regrettable that it was not possible to have an on-site conferring event  in which we could have  shared in your celebrations and indeed would have enabled you to share in each other's celebrations. 
I wish you the very best personally and professionally  as you pursue the next stages of your  academic and professional careers.  Stay in touch with each other and stay in touch with UCD School of Education. 
Yours sincerely

Dr. William Kinsella

Associate Professor

Head of School of Education